Navigation Skills Clinics & Orienteering Challenges

Image of Chris (co-owner of Tug Hill Outfitters) teaching his son how to navigate.
Chris (co-owner of Tug Hill Outfitters) teaching his son how to navigate.

Tug Hill Outfitters offers custom map and compass navigation clinics and navigation challenges for individuals and groups. Individuals and/or groups will learn basic to advanced map and compass skills along with tips and strategies for navigating from point to point in the wilderness. If you love bushwhacking and exploring off trails, hunting, adventure racing, or you regularly find yourself in places where cell service and GPS coverage are limited, then this clinic and experience are for you.

Itinerary (~4 hours/half day):

  • Map & Compass Navigation Clinic (1 – 1.5 hours) – Meet with Tug Hill Outfitters guides for a navigation clinic where you’ll discuss different types of topographic maps, coordinate systems, map features, the parts of a compass, declination, how to navigate using a map and compass together, and strategies for “staying found” in the wilderness. The skills clinic can be custom designed based on prior knowledge and desired outcomes.
  • Orienteering Challenge (1.5 – 2 hours) Practice your map and compass navigation skills on a custom designed 2 hour orienteering course on private and/or state land. Explore beautiful, remote forests and trails while working as a team or individual to locate hidden flags. Turn it into a challenge by splitting your group into teams and seeing who can find the most flags in the least amount of time. This practical/field experience can be custom designed based on group size, desired course length, and difficulty level.

Prices are $150 per person. Discounts apply when you have 2 or more people in your group. Contact Tug Hill Outfitters to book a navigation clinic and orienteering field experience.

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