Team Orienteering

Chris (co-owner of Tug Hill Outfitters) getting a checkpoint at the Wildlands Adventure Challenge in Maine, in Fall 2020.

Take the Tug Hill Outfitters Orienteering Challenge

Grab your friends, family, or co-workers and head out on a mini adventure race navigating through the woods with only a map and compass to find a series of checkpoints. Teams will race on foot trekking and bushwhacking through the woods, competing to see which team can find the most checkpoints in the least amount of time. Tug Hill Outfitters guides will provide an introduction to navigating using a topographical map and compass, and talk through different strategies for completing the course. Tug Hill Outfitters has over 100 acres and 3 miles of trails, woods, fields, and streams to explore. No phones or GPS allowed. A perfect team building activity for a school group or corporate retreat.

Challenges are custom designed based on group size, desired course length and difficulty level. Pricing dependent on group size and desired activity length. Contact us to book your orienteering adventure today!

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