Kayak Lessons

Read the following prior to booking a lesson:

  • UPDATE: Because we’re rapidly losing daylight in the evenings, please contact us directly to schedule week day and/or evening trips, or if you’re having difficulty finding availability.
  • We can accommodate 1 or 2 people per lesson, and may be able to accommodate additional people by request.
  • PFD’s are required, whether you bring your own, or request to use one of ours.
  • Our instructors are first-aid and CPR certified.
  • All individuals must sign our waiver, prior to participating in a lesson.

Beginner Kayaking Technique Lesson (1 hour) Book this lesson.
Basic paddle strokes, techniques for getting in and out of the boat, and safety tips. You can bring your own boat, paddle, and life jacket, or we can provide them. We will provide a dry bag and safety whistle.
Cost: $65 per person

Intermediate Kayaking Technique Lesson (1 hour) Book this lesson.
This lesson will help you fine tune your paddling strokes and technique, and learn to put more power into your strokes by using your body effectively. We will also demonstrate and practice in-water kayak self rescue/re-entry techniques. Please bring your own boat, paddle, and life jacket. We will provide a dry bag and safety whistle. This lesson is ideal for individuals who have touring kayaks.
Cost: $65 per person

Introduction to Fitness Paddling & Performance Gear (1 hour) Book this lesson.
If you’re interested in going faster, getting a more intense workout, being more efficient over longer distances, and potentially even racing, then this is the lesson for you. Try our performance gear, including one of our entry level surf skis (Epic V7), and carbon wing paddle. Surf skis are sit on top, performance kayaks that are designed to go faster, handle waves, and track and steer more efficiently in the water. The sit on top design also allows for easier in-water re-entry/self-rescue. If you have your own surf ski or performance kayak, you can bring your own gear to the lesson, otherwise we will provide it.
Cost: $75 per person plus equipment tax

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