What is a surfski kayak?

Surfski kayaks are fast and super fun to paddle. They are long, narrow, open cockpit boats that are designed for performance paddling in all conditions. Surfskis were originally used for open ocean racing but have become equally popular among the flatwater racing community. A surfski is a great boat for fitness paddling and racing, and some newer models are offering a more recreational design. One big difference between surfskis and other performance kayaks is the open sit on top style. The open cockpit makes getting in and out of a surfski much easier than other kayaks, and allows for quick and easy remount in the event of a capsize. 

If you’re interested in paddling for fitness, racing, or just want a lightweight, fast boat, that you can hop in and out of while cruising your local lake or river, then you should try out a surf ski. We offer intro fitness paddling lessons where you can try out Stellar and Epic surf skis, racing style wing paddles, and get some instruction on proper paddling technique. The surf skis we currently have for clients to try are the Epic V5, and V7, Stellar S18s and Stellar SR. The V5 is an entry level boat almost any paddler can handle. The V7 and S18s are intermediate surf skis that offer great performance while being stable enough that most paddlers can feel comfortable fairly quickly. The SR is a slightly more advanced boat but still offers very good stability.

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Stellar SR
Epic V7

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